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tv   Headline News  RT  June 3, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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truth on trial. bradley manning finally getting his day in court as activists say america is doing everything it can to silence anyone trying to make. demonstrators across turkey have met with clouds of tear gas as they clashed with security forces for a fourth straight day and there are mounting allegations of brutality by the authorities. a milestone. online videos that you watched helping to become the first global t.v. channel to reach one billion views.
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thanks so much for joining us here today. live in moscow with your worldwide headlines one hundred fifty four years the amount of time whistleblower bradley manning could end up spending behind bars his espionage trial begins later today in the us after his arrest in two thousand and ten which saw him charged with aiding the enemy after he leaked thousands of classified documents online. and off has details on this story. it was a video that shocked the world footage of a u.s. apache helicopter killing twelve iraqi civilians including two journalists collateral murder the cold blooded brutality of the occupation captured on film it was leaked by a young american soldier army private bradley manning the video was uploaded to wiki leaks but it would prove to be just the tip of the iceberg the former army intelligence analyst leaked more than seven hundred thousand documents containing
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classified information to that whistle blowing web site they included reports of torture abuse higher than acknowledge civilian casualties in short an unvarnished view of america's wars now known as the afghanistan and iraq. may arrest seeking approval for his actions manning began a dialogue with a hacker named adrian levo chat logs that turned over to the government leading to manning's arrest and subsequent confinement now what came next was what proved to be one of the longest military pretrial detentions of a u.s. soldier since the vietnam war bradley manning was held in maximum security solitary confinement in a cell his attorney says was no bigger than six by eight feet and as the number of charges grew against manning to twenty two he was allowed to plead guilty to ten lesser charges this in exchange for a maximum sentence of sixteen years now by december two thousand and twelve when he
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took the stand to testify about the conditions that he and jurd he had been in confinement for more than one thousand days now the freedom of the press foundation broke court prescribe rules it released bradley manning's explanation of his action in his own words to the public today june third bradley manning's court martial will pursue the remaining more serious charges including aiding the enemy judging by what manning has already said that are a prisoner of a maximum security facility and a hostage to your conscience of course the question of whether the young man will spend the rest of his life in prison will be answered at this trial. private manning his revelations shined a light on u.s. operations in iraq and afghanistan there are even some who say they are counted as a catalyst for the arab spring uprisings about griffin the former british so u.s. soldier you told me earlier why he thinks manning chose to leave the information and of the former soldier also showed his experiences that he went through in iraq
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. some of the media are saying that manning is a traitor who risked their lives of u.s. citizens are you are you buying that no not at all manning had access to a huge amount of information and did and do thousands of other employees of the united states government he saw that information within that information actions and activity that were illegal and immoral and he thought he should do something about that he was the only one to take action on that he thought that if other people could see what was really going on in iraq in afghanistan and in the relationships between u.s. government and other governments around the world that something would happen and something did happen you know the arab spring was informed by information that manning released now usurping the say yes and you refused to return to iraq you left the british army why is that. you know i grew up thinking that britain was a great country and our armed forces were you know the good guys that's what i was brought up believing and my experience in iraq you know so pace that bubble i
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realized you know things are a lot more complex than that what we're involved in in iraq the actions were involved in were in effect illegal and i decided as a matter of conscience i can continue to do that and you know manning is in the same vein as myself and committer me here and. smith and mike lyons you know this is a guy who's joined the military to do the right thing and then realize that actually the actions that military are immoral irrational and illegal and he's decided to do something about it. or private manning says that he leaked the material because he felt the people had the right to know that the u.s. military had little regard for human life when fighting its wars in iraq and afghanistan there have been worldwide demonstrations in support of the embattled army private over the weekend thousands rallying right here in front of the courthouse where the trial will take place but not just in america canada germany even south korea are also seeing very similar rallies and as it has marina. his court martial process begins at a time when the. u.s.
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is accused of being anything but truthful or transparent. the military court martial against private first class bradley manning begins at a complicated time for the obama administration u.s. journalists have been spied on an unprecedented number of whistleblowers have been in prison and access to the truth many say grows increasingly harder by the day we have a severe problem with transparency and secrecy in this country that's for sure our problem is a cult of secrecy extreme levels of dystopian secrecy washington classified ninety two million documents in the year two thousand and eleven that's the last count we have to put things in perspective what bradley manning leaked is less than one percent of that the former army intelligence analyst has admitted to leaking hundreds of thousands of top secret military and diplomatic documents to the whistle blowing website wiki leaks in february manning pleaded guilty to ten of the
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twenty two charges he faces the twenty five year old said he wanted the public to know how the u.s. military campaigns in iraq and afghanistan had little regard for human life it should be clear day anybody paying attention to bradley manning. thought of himself at the times a whistleblower that he did what he did because he thought he was making the world a better place and that contrary to the way he's been represented by some people he in fact did what he did from a place of sort of patriotism he's in no way a time american who has never expressed anti-american sentiments in any way in fact he's always said that he is and was driven by a sort of sense of patriotism and and hope that the united states could be the this you know sort of great country that he would do to be prosecutors however are pursuing a court martial on the remaining charges including the espionage act and aiding the enemy which carries a life sentence in prison in an interview with democracy now julia songe addressed
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washington's allegations that manning aided the enemy by going to wiki leaks if that president is allowed to be directed it will be interesting closely. it means it's a potential death penalty for any person who really treats pretty. sensitive about it but secondly it also orioles' the journalist and the publication shereen of communication they would say to the enemy and therefore making him susceptible as well to be espionage act which also has capital offenses and that is why it was the. us that latter part is part of the us attack. including myself broadly we hope this letter finds you healthy and strong daniel ellsberg known as the original whistleblower leaked seven thousand government
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documents to the press in one thousand nine hundred seventy one revealing the truth about the vietnam war more than a war decades later he says the u.s. government is going to even greater lengths to keep the public in the dark call of the war on truth telling truth telling specifically about truth that the government doesn't want. truth about government crimes or that the public needs to know. if military prosecutors successfully prove that whistle blowing is aiding the enemy then bradley manning could spend the rest of his life in prison a verdict handed down under a president who promised to usher in an era of transparency when he stepped into the white house according to new york maureen up or not. now we are coming to you live from moscow as a wave of violence in turkey has seen riot police clashed with protesters for the fourth day running as security forces used tear gas and water cannons as protesters
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responded with stones and build barricades and activists also tried to break through police lines and attack the prime minister's office that actually says extremist elements are the ones responsible for reporting from istanbul oxys arena . well this transpired overnight when the protesters have been trying to build barricades and roadblocks in order to keep police out of the area that they were in but the police actually tore through those barricades and then use water cannons and tear gas and rubber bullets to evict the protesters i have seen more and more of those appearing throughout the city sporadically there trying to keep police out because fortunately the police force has been rather brutal in cracking down on protesters there were scuffles between protesters and police not just in istanbul at this point we're looking at around seven hundred people who have been arrested as a result of these protests more than a thousand people have been injured university even some shops have been turning
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into makeshift hospitals or a little medical station where people are trying to work help out those who have been injured and protests everyone has apologized that police have. some points but at the same time he called the protesters thugs and extremists and that they are undermining democratic principles of the country and that is definitely not something that the protesters agree with the streets of istanbul look like a scene from war burned cars makeshift barricades broken shop windows not exactly what residents of the city are used to this. is not only for park. governments. for about ten years the current chaos is the aftermath of the protests that gripped not just istanbul but some other cities and towns across turkey prime minister recep. syria increasing
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islamisation of the country and a major crackdown on the media these are just a few of the problems turks have with their government many feel it doesn't serve the people but rather works against them. my daughter was beaten because of what she was wearing because. attackers were affiliated with the government the police to by and did nothing all the. cars from the television from here i said why don't you move they got direction from the police they couldn't make. life interviews with the people and this is the problem. what happened in turkey was called a disgraceful use of excessive police force by amnesty international water cannons tear gas and pepper spray were all used against mostly peaceful protesters once the police are treated however the crowds turned their anger against the t.v. trucks of the state media accusing stations of failing to broadcast the reality of
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square hundreds of people wounded and talk of several deaths this is the human toll of the clashes on the street politics is the hottest topic of conversation even amped to record an interview turns into a heated debate this is a very strange experience for me and. i can explain. i will explain my son my grandson after after maybe ten years or five years it began as a quite simple sit and decide because apart people were trying to save some trees in the middle of the city but now they're saying they're trying to save turkey from aragon and his government and they say they won't leave until the prime minister does in istanbul. and with the police continuing the use of force against demonstrators across turkey human rights groups have now condemned them saying some protests protesters have been left permanently blinded by that of tear
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gas. it's a video which appeared on the internet apparently showing turkish police firing tear gas into civilians. and a separate footage here showing people seeking shelter at a local university if you have a look at the window in the very very back of that shot you can see what appears to be huge amounts of gas being used by security forces a doctor who say you know from the middle east technical university he believes other ones policies have been the ones are actually being shaken this time. it is like an eruption north of all conall. for a prime minister in the recent years in the recent months but you have. mostly involving in the private affairs of the citizens and his way of speaking he's very of doing things. also consider to leave the democratic values to leave the republican values of the country but i think this is the first time in the last eleven years that the turkish government has experienced such
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a strong public you're reaction the protesters on the one to remind the government in democracy the politicians can do things taking the people against turkey is a democratic society and we have done is trying to get turkey into much more islamist structure based on the state. experience and this is a strong reaction i think the values of democracy and islam is understanding clashing now it will be not civil war but it will make the lives of two prime minister very difficult in coming weeks and days. or let's talk about how these protests across turkey may have affected the markets are these britons present a capability now here joining us this year with some insight katie lovely to see you today any reaction on the markets so far we've seen four days of continued violence across turkey so predictably the markets have i've been down in that main
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stock index actually sent bess's they were greeted with a six percent down four which is very significant in terms of the markets also once about bonds as well because they've by the most since two thousand and i we know investors try to say hey sounds us and see as kinds of that i keep in mind when you talk about when we address the issue of protests across europe that we've seen now for the past couple of years there are certain struggling members of the eurozone these are economically based protest people fed up with austerity measures and the likes of that however compared to places for example cyprus or greece turkey's economy is actually quite strong absolutely not the interesting thing about this i think the process definitely haven't been spurred on by what's happening with the economy because. the moment the economy is performing very well actually is posting average five percent growth since around two thousand and three actually g.d.p. has quadrupled since two thousand and one which is impressive indeed there's also vince's started going on the. moore's law is going on in turkey at the moment in
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terms of the economics we know they did have a banking crisis back in two thousand and one but what was interesting is how they demonstrated their resilience and how they reacted to that and in terms of the financial crisis they've managed to really go unscathed actually comparison as you say to mix of europe which is why that process did you discuss issues the economic issues with turkey most of us know that turkey is a hot spot certainly for european tourists. a fundamental part of the economy in turkey is that of tourism now when i got this morning i saw a news story with a london officials warning u.k. citizens to avoid turkey because of the danger so should we be expecting a bite to be taken out of the tourism industry into this is a concern because you say it is a popular prize that she one of the most popular places in the world thirty six million people visited in twenty twelve for a significant inducer is a large chunk of their economy in the have been warnings come out already although it must be said that the turkish government have come out they said it's not a problem we're going to deal with it but in terms of tourism it's a big money maker and it is something to be concerned with right now so watching
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the process but now we see one so issues the issues of tourism for example there's a violence we see we see some of the shaking going on with the markets any other aspects of the turkish economy we should we should be up to speed on i think as we've witnessed as as i've been talking about the economy has been doing really well so far but i did say six percent down in terms of today in the markets is what happens from now on and there are a lot of external factors to consider yourself where obviously we've got what's going on in the neighboring countries because syria iran iraq all those conflicts as well the eurozone crisis that you spoke about oil prices too that's something that turkey really has to concern themselves with at the moment all these external factors have an effect to the economy now what happens from this day almost with all that's happening on the streets right now which is present ok to kill be looking forward to your program a little bit later today thank you. well you can see the live updates and the latest developments. of course. you can also check out the best videos you
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tube channel the country swept up in the biggest wave of protests. helping us reach an unprecedented any t.v. channel in the world the program. some of the videos that you'd like to. see the beginnings of. the younger generation coming to the. technology innovation.
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you've watched hundreds of thousands of videos on you tube helping us become the first news channel to reach one billion online views. and previews the ones which proved most popular over the years to reach that incredible milestone full program at sixteen eighteen thirty g.m.t. for now though a very short preview. well if ever there was proof that pictures drive your interests is certainly something that captivated millions of the globe when you saw this. dramatic video watched in our you tube channel more than sixty million times it was a huge hit it was also a time of course when the world found out how many russians use those dash cams to record at a second's notice as you can see here pictures that would be world headline makers the truly global stories that captured your attention with the wave of mass protest movements around the world over the last couple of years our correspondents were
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always in the thick of it sometimes so much so they were caught up in it. i. read where it is competing they hand around us think through what you in a day keep telling keep telling and i was images like these as the world watched helplessly the become the most watched topic on artie's you tube channel it wasn't just the scale of the earthquake and tsunami that shocked the world but then also the catalogue of failures and accidents at the fukushima nuclear plant which resulted in the worst nuclear disaster since chernobyl artie's correspondence film to the fukushima area as those explosions struck some of the reactors we all recall as pictures crippling the cooling systems and triggering melt. gives that artie's you tube channel rocketing to a billion views from the world's beera defining disasters to events that continue
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to change our lives join me kevin zero in for more on how you've helped make our t. the first global news channel to reach you chub billion. and our you tube channel these are continuing its mission to provide you with the best pictures and videos is a quick taste of some of them right now for example a disaster in the air a twister. right here working out of a warehouse in the american state of missouri. you can watch this horrifying from an area still suffering at the hands of extreme weather. tornado alley basically. from mother nature just a click away online you can travel to russia siberia where. there was supposed to be some. video. news that an israeli amusement park has been opening up on separate days for jewish
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and arab school trips being seen as the latest sign of an inherent racism and a tendency towards that of segregation street attacks against arabs also appear to be on the rise and often involve youngsters resorting to violence to express their anger their reports they could merely be following the example set by the older generation. of the three hundred million in the middle east north africa. israel's arab citizens enjoy real democratic rights. but statements like this small comfort for arab israelis whether or not they enjoy the right to vote they face every day problems of a more pressing nature three months ago. was badly beaten up for no other reason than the. however there were one of them said to me hi arab i said why do you say that i mean what's the difference jewish then another guy came up to me
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and said you want a country arab or. the next thing the father of three remembers is being hit on the head with a bottle. so everything went black i fell to the ground they started kicking and hitting me my lawyer told me that when they were held by the police they heard the kids competing among themselves who hit me the most. violent racism among israel's youth has been growing steadily for some time we went undercover and this is what we found a typical thursday night in downtown jerusalem young israeli teenagers hanging out in the streets it might be alcohol drugs or just plain boredom but suddenly a fight breaks out undercover police arrive in seconds a few days later we meet along a guard at the same spot he spent many days and nights here trying to help troubled youth the very a lot of poor population living in jerusalem and the racial element is only a part of things that they're experience more income from poverty their parents.
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have nothing they're working all day and they have no. control over where their children are a lot of them are outside of outside of school dropped out of school this is the generation that witnessed the second intifada as young children the scars it left are deep those are the lessons that were exposed to terrorist attacks and develop post-traumatic symptoms they tend to exercise twice as much risk taking we have behaviors that tacking innocent people just because they are arabs was no provocation whatsoever and that's very typical to people who feel in survival mode as some as the latest rick. in a growing number of racist attacks by his way to use against arabs and arab and jewish teacher were recently beaten up when the exit at their car and an arab
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commuter was attacked while waiting for a train. they get the inspiration from grownups you don't show any sign you want peace to live side by side to resolve the conflict of this still made. wars and all the incidents and all the clashes that we've seen occupied territory again the general militant an atmosphere created the conflict which leads. to the mises violence. her son has already had several rounds of surgery with more to come not a day goes by without him remembering that fateful night when the division between israel's arabs and jews showed its ugly face policy r.t. tel aviv and into the arctic starting with northern china where one hundred twelve people are now confirmed dead after a slaughter house burst into flames in the early hours of the morning more than three hundred people were inside the building when the fire broke out about a third of them managed to escape there we understand according to reports that
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since lot alternately trapping a lot of workers inside the inferno. and to afghanistan where a suicide bombing in the east has reportedly killed at least nine school students and one policeman the blast took place at a market in the paktia province not far from the border with pakistan there are unconfirmed reports that a u.s. military patrol was the target. i just a moment here are a continuation of the crusades or in an acknowledged timeless war the decline of christians in the middle east the debate on cross talk. new york magistrate judge gary brown has ruled that it's ok to track people's will cation via their cell phone the judge supports his decision by saying that there is no legitimate expectation of privacy in the perspective of
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a cellular telephone where the individual has failed to protect his privacy but taking the simple expedient of powering it off this statement seems to hint that cell phones are some sort of fun luxury and that people are just too lazy to turn off their phones when they want privacy this ignores the fact that there are many people who have to be on call twenty four seven like surgeons and server technicians these people can't just turn off their phones so does that mean that certain professions can't have privacy also this presumption that people have no expectation of privacy what about people who send images of text messages of a sexual nature to each other joy i think that all these people just assume it's all public goods i don't think so the fourth amendment says that people have the right to be secure in their persons houses papers and effects and i'm pretty sure that's cover cell phones too but that's just my opinion.


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